Sea water has always been considered an inexhaustible source of hydration and beauty. Inspired by the beneficial properties of sea products, Armani/SPA has designed a Thalasso Cosmetics ritual that restores skin tonicity and hydration while gently and effectively reducing common imperfections, such as cellulite and water retention. The crystals in the sea salt and seaweed, in addition to oligo-elements, will sweep you up in an all-encompassing wellness experience, smoothing the skin, relieving the sense of heaviness that comes from fatigue, reducing puffiness and stress, and restoring body natural form.
Based on the desired result, our wellness professionals will help you in the choice of the correct fresh or dried algae muds to hydrate, detoxify and drain.

The SPA ritual will conclude with a full-body massage to restore your energy levels and leave you with fresh, rejuvenated and glowing skin.

You will feel the same sense of harmony, lightness and freshness as a wave washing over your skin.

Duration: From 80 minutes + 2 hours of relaxation area
Special price: € 207  instead of € 230

Availability: From June 15th to August 31st


For information and reservations, please contact: +39 02 8883 8888 | armanispa.milan@armanihotels.com