Business Break at the Armani-SPA



Begin the day refreshed

Meetings, conference calls and projects to manage: with a busy schedule, finding time to dedicate to wellness can be difficult, especially in the morning. But those early hours are incredibly important, setting the tone for everything that comes next. So why not squeeze a bit of short-but-sweet me time at the Armani/SPA into your agenda to make sure you step out refreshed and ready to face the tasks at hand?

Give the day a luxurious start with one of three essential massage options: for 25 minutes, hot or cold stones, dry brushing treatments or wraps will clear your mind and leave your body soothed. Once your senses have been awakened, a quick American breakfast will be served, specially crafted to be the most important meal of the day, while you take in the suns early rays from the calming, panoramic oasis of the Armani Hotel Milano. With your body rejuvenated and your mind focused, youll stride into your first business meeting of the workday, radiant and relaxed.

Price: €125 per person

Availability: every day, 9am to 11am



A quick pause to recharge

Midway through the day, after navigating intricate projects and meetings with clients and colleagues, you need a moment to take a deep breath and recharge. What better way to spend your lunch break than with a quick-yet-refreshing massage and a few nutritious bites that fits perfectly into your schedule? At the Armani/SPA, power lunch has a whole new meaning.

From the soothing, calming ambiance of the spa, your energy levels will be restored with an exclusive,  efficient rejuvenating session with an expert massage practitioner. Luxuriously spend the first 25 minutes of your mid-day escape savouring the sumptuous spa treatment of your choice, focusing on restoring harmony and balance, de-stressing and relieving tension, or boosting the bodys charge and combatting fatigue. Then delight in a delicious, specially-prepared meal, taking in the panoramic view overlooking the rooftops of Milan for a few moments. After this brief lunch-hour jaunt, youre sure to step out of the Armani/SPA relaxed and into your next big meeting feeling cool, calm and collected.

Price: €125 per person (25-minute treatment, menu lunch: two-course choice, water included)

Availability: every day, 12:30pm to 2:30pm


For information and reservations, please contact: +39 02 8883 8888 |